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March 3, 2009

sou fujimoto: 'lexus l- finesse- crystallised wind' at milan design week 09

'lexus l- finesse- crystallised wind' art installation by sou fujimoto for lexus

japanese architect sou fujimoto was invited by lexus to design their 2009 art exhibition
for this year's milan design week.

'lexus l- finesse- crystallised wind' will re-interpret the ambivalence of the lexus design
philosophy ‘L-finesse’ through a dynamic installation that combines unity in space,
sound and lighting.

'crystallised wind is the result of a conceptual interpretation of the underlying principles
of L finesse design'
, explains sou fujimoto. 'the term wind addresses not only the flow of wind,
but also symbolises a flow or current in a greater sense. it is a new horizon where
the natural
and the artificial coexist in space. I wanted to find a way to give form to that
which is formless:
to take the flow of air and the passing of time and to represent them
in such a way as to explain
the essence of the duality of L-finesse. the result is an art form
that represents movement yet
stillness, and the flow of time in a timeless environment.'

the lexus space will display an acrylic art piece based on the full-size concept car model,
the lexus super sports concept car, the LF-A as well as a specially designed piece of
furniture constructed from acrylic.

the exhibition will take place in milan’s museo della permanente art gallery, from april
22nd to 26th. here is a preview of the installation.

'lexus l- finesse- crystallised wind'

'lexus l- finesse- crystallised wind'

'lexus l- finesse- crystallised wind'

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